The Petroleum Environmental Research Forum (PERF)*, is a non-profit organization created to provide a stimulus to and a forum for the collection, exchange, and analysis of research information relating to the development of technology for health, environment & safety, waste reduction and system security in the petroleum industry.


Water Purity Test, liquid in laboratory glassware
  • A PERF Project Discussion Session via teleconference will be held during the 1st week of February 2020. This session will focus on air topics with the goal of vetting interest in various proposals or generating ideas for new proposals that are of interest to PERF participants. More details to come!

  • The 100th Fall PERF meeting was hosted by Chevron on October 9-10, 2019. Copies of presentations given can be found in the Members area section


A list of Active and Completed projects, as well as proposals can be found on the Projects page, with a small selection below. More information is available in the Members Area.


  • Onshore Unconventional High TDS Produced Water Treatment

Active, moving to next phase:

  • Carbon-based injectates for groundwater treatment

New proposals:

  • Emerging Sensor Technology for VOCs and Sensors
  • Mechanistic Evaluation of Lung Function Following Exposure to Detergents and Surfactants
  • New Methods to Assess Whole Effluent Toxicity
  • Multiple Stressor Risk Assessment Calculator

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