Established in 1986 to Stimulate Cooperative Research & Development of Technology for Environmental Pollution Control & Waste Treatment for the Petroleum Industry

About us

General Information

Welcome to the website of the Petroleum Environmental Research Forum (PERF)*, a non-profit organization created in 1986 to provide a stimulus to and a forum for the collection, exchange, and analysis of research information relating to the development of technology for health, environment & safety, waste reduction and system security in the petroleum industry.


Membership Requirements

Any company, partnership or individual engaged in the petroleum industry may apply to become a Member of the organization. Currently there are sixteen PERF member companies, including corporations from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Membership requires accepting the provisions of the PERF charter, paying a one-time initial fee, and paying a nominal yearly maintenance fee. Fees are used primarily for part-time legal counsel and other incidental expenses.


For more information please send an e-mail to the current PERF Chairman: