Established in 1986 to Stimulate Cooperative Research & Development of Technology for Environmental Pollution Control & Waste Treatment for the Petroleum Industry

PERF Board of Directors & Legal Counsel


The following member company representatives have been elected to serve for the 2014-2016 term and legal counsel has been retained.


PERF Officers
Chair: Bruce Randolph, Phillips66
Vice Chair: Kate Martin, Chevron
Treasurer: Martine Hoeksma, Shell
Secretary / Webmaster: Frédéric Périé / Corentin Perrachon, Total
Past Chair: Veronica Blackwell, Chevron
At-Large Members
Bill Hafker, ExxonMobil
Dave Fashimpaur, BP
Samer Adham, ConocoPhillips
Todd Ririe, BP
Yasser Kattan, Saudi Aramco

Legal Counsel

Joe Gormley, Gormley Jarashow Bowman

The following is a list of PERF Board of Directors nominations for 2017:
Office 2017
Chair Bruce Randolph (Phillips 66)
Vice Chair Kate Martin (Chevron)
Secretary/Webmaster Nick Kuzmyak (Chevron)
Treasurer Martine Hoeksma (Shell)
At-large Members
Theresa Hochhalter ExxonMobil
Dave Fashimpaur BP
Yasser Kattan Saudi Aramco
Kirsty Speirs Total
Samer Adham ConocoPhillips
Mir Seyedabbasi BP