Do you have an idea for a PERF project proposal?

If you have an idea for a project proposal that you are interested in conducting under PERF, please submit a short one page description of the proposal to one of the PERF Board Members or A copy of a sample one-pager template can be found here: PERF Project Proposal Template

Project Proposals

2022-P6Demonstration of Supercritical Water Oxidation for Refinery/Chemical Plant Organic Waste StreamsTBD
2023-P2Economic Evaluation of Environmental Externalities of Recycled/Recovered/Re-used Industrial WasteSaudi Aramco
2024-P2NSZD/Groundwater "Degassing" MethodShell
2024-P3Characterizing Tolerance of Marine Species to hypersaline waterTBD
2024-P4Strategic deployment of biodiversity monitoring systems on existing O&G assets-gaining insights of songbird and bat migration pattern at sea in the North SeaTotalEnergies
2024-P5Use of fiber optics for marine mammals detection in the context of offshore windTotalEnergies

Active Projects

2017-04Surface Detection of MercuryChevron
2018-4Molecular Biology Tools for Wastewater TreatmentChevron
2022-8Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD)/Groundwater "Degassing" MethodShell
2022-9Methanotropic Bio-Barriers for Reducing Methane Emissions from WellsShell
2022-2PFAS ForensicsShell
2022-5Fate and Transport of PFAS in an LNALP-impacted Vadose ZoneBP
2023-2MLD vs. ZLD for O&G Wastewater ManagementConocoPhillips

Completed Projects

2018-10Facilitating Proactive Sewer Inspections at Petrochemical FacilitiesSewer InspectionsExxonMobil
2016-01Carbon Based injectates for groundwater treatmentWater treatmentChevron
2016-05Firefighting Foam Human Health and Environmental Risks at O&G OperationsFirefighting FoamChevron
2015-06Onshore Unconventional High TDS Produced Water TreatmentWater handlingChevron
2014-10Direct Monitoring of Flare Combustion EfficiencyAir QualityExxonMobil
2013-10Pressure Relief Valve Stability Research ProgramStability ResearchExxonMobil
2013-07Refinery Stream Speciation UpdateAir QualityExxonMobil
2012-04Cost Effective Reverse Osmosis Concentrate - Brine ManagementWater handling, treatment and disposalConocoPhillips
2012-02Stranded Wastes and Recyclables in Developing CountriesWaste, residuals & byproductsChevron
2011-07Flare Destruction Efficiency Estimation and Operating PracticesAir QualityExxonMobil
2011-06Understand and Improve Cooling Tower PM Emission Measurement and Estimation MethodsAir QualityBP
2011-05Comparison of Dispersion Models for Offshore Exploration and Production ActivitiesSoil & GroundwaterChevron
2011-04Effluent Treatment
Plant Hazardous Air Pollutants
Air QualityChevron
2011-02Refinery Wastewater Online MonitoringWater handling, treatment and disposalChevron
2011-01Ultra-Low Nutrient Control in Wastewater EffluentsWater handling, treatment and disposalExxonMobil
2010-07Understanding Biodiesel in Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)RemediationChevron
2010-06Air Emissions CooperativeAir QualityBP
2009-01In-Situ Chemical OxidationSoil & GroundwaterExxonMobil
2008-04Membrane Bioreactor DemonstrationWater handling, treatment and disposalExxonMobil
2004-06Reducing Desalter Environmental ImpactsWater handling, treatment and disposalBP
2004-05Understanding the effects of time and energy on the effectiveness of dispersantsOil Spill ResponseExxonMobil
2003-07Dispersant for viscous oilOil Spill ResponseExxonMobil
2003-05Chemical Herders to Increase In Situ Burning Window-of-OpportunityOil Spill ResponseExxonMobil
2003-03Managing wastes in countries with little infrastructureWaste, residuals & byproductsChevron
2003-01Mercury CooperativeWater handling, treatment and disposalExxonMobil
2002-13Water Management CooperativeWater handling, treatment and disposalExxonMobil
2002-02Bioremediation sharing projectSoil & GroundwaterExxonMobil
2001-08Downstream Waste ManagementWaste, residuals & byproductsExxonMobil
2001-02Flashed Gas / VOC Emission Estimation from Produced WaterWater handling, treatment and disposalShell & Statoil
2000-03Next Generation Lo-NOx Burner Performance TestingAir QualityBP
2000-01Effective Methods and Lessons Learned for E&P Waste TreatmentWaste, residuals & byproductsChevron
1999-13Risk Cooperative ProjectSoil & GroundwaterChevron
1999-06Upset Early Warning Devices for Wastewater Treatment PlantsWater handling, treatment and disposalBP
1999-05Stability of Pressure Relief DevicesSafetyBP
1999-01Ecological Evaluation for Upstream Site RemediationSoil & GroundwaterChevron
1998-09Accidental Release Mitigation ProjectAir QualityExxonMobil
1998-04Manage Water Soluble Organics in Produced WaterWater handling, treatment and disposalChevron & Shell
1997-08Scientifically-Sound Risk-Based Decision Tools for E&P SitesSoil & GroundwaterChevron
1997-07Basic Principles and Control of Crude Oil Emulsion Formation – Part IVWater handling, treatment and disposalShell
1997-06Phytoremediation of Hydrocarbons - Phase II Field ProjectSoil & GroundwaterExxonMobil
1997-05Materials Specification for HF Alkylation PlantsNon-destructive equipment evaluationsExxonMobil
1997-04FCC Regenerator SOx / NOx Emissions Database and CorrelationsAir QualityExxonMobil
1996-08Rapid Site Assessment for Petroleum Contaminated SitesSoil & GroundwaterExxonMobil & Phillips
1996-03NDE Hardware and Operator EvaluationsNon-destructive equipment evaluationsExxonMobil
1996-01Treating Refinery/Petrochemical Wastewater Using Suspended Media SystemsWater handling, treatment and disposalExxonMobil & BP
1995-12Monitoring Composting and Soil BioremediationSoil & GroundwaterChevron
1995-11Advanced Acoustic Emission for Onstream InspectionNon-destructive equipment evaluationsExxonMobil
1995-10Advanced NDE for Heat Exchanger Tubular InspectionNon-destructive equipment evaluationsExxonMobil
1995-07Mechanical Properties of Aging Refining Hydroprocessing Reactors - Phase IINon-destructive equipment evaluationsChevron
1995-06Effects of Reed Vapor Pressure on CO Emissions under Las Vegas and Los Angeles Winter ConditionsAir QualityChevron
1995-04Risk Assessment Cooperative Research ProgramSoil & GroundwaterShell
1995-02Basic Principles and Control of Crude Oil Emulsions - Part 3Water handling, treatment and disposalShell
1995-01Advanced NDE for Piping InspectionNon-destructive equipment evaluationsExxonMobil
1994-14Oil Spill Solidifiers for Upstream/Downstream Petroleum On-Land OperationsOil Spill ResponseExxonMobil
1994-13Phytoremediation of HydrocarbonsSoil & GroundwaterExxonMobil
1994-12Sewer Inspection and Repair Technologies for Application to Refineries and Chemical PlantsNon-destructive equipment evaluationsExxonMobil
1994-09Improvements in Methods for Biological Treatment of Refinery Wastewater and Water ReuseWater handling, treatment and disposalExxonMobil
1994-08Evaluation of Full-Scale Applications of Biofiltration in the Petroleum IndustryAir QualityChevron
1994-07E&P Cooperative Research Program "Soils, Sediments and Sludges"Waste, residuals & byproductsPhillips Petroleum Company
1994-06Cooperative Bioremediation ProgramSoil & GroundwaterExxonMobil
1994-05Cooperative Air Program for Clean Air Act Amendments Compliance ResearchAir QualityShell
1994-03Reclamation of Salt Impacted Soils: Laboratory and Field Evaluation of AmendmentsSoil & GroundwaterExxonMobil
1993-25Soil and Groundwater Remediation via Biosparging with Innovative Delivery SystemSoil & GroundwaterConocoPhillips & Oryx
1993-24Biodegradation and Metabolism of MTBESoil & GroundwaterAmoco
1993-23Soluble Oil Removal from Produced Water - Technology EvaluationWater handling, treatment and disposalShell
1993-20Bench Scale Valve Emissions StudyAir QualityExxonMobil
1993-19Evaluation of Biosurfactants for Oil Spill BioremediationOil Spill ResponseBP
1993-16Dispersion Modeling ProjectAir QualityExxonMobil
1993-15Pilot Test Ex-Situ Washing of Salt Contaminated SoilsSoil & GroundwaterBP
1993-11Produced Water Shut-Off Network and Technology ExchangeWater handling, treatment and disposalBP & Oryx
1993-09BTEX Removal from Contaminated Water Using Tailored ZeolitesWater handling, treatment and disposalUnocal
1993-08Environmentally Friendly Thread Compound EvaluationNon-destructive equipment evaluationsExxonMobil
1993-07Tertiary Treatment Options for Refinery EffluentsWater handling, treatment and disposalChevron
1993-04Techniques to Measure the Extent of Biodegradation in Soils / GroundwaterSoil & GroundwaterChevron
1993-02Bioremediation of Crude and Aged Hydrocarbon Contaminated SitesSoil & GroundwaterExxonMobil & Shell
1993-01Determine the Reactivity Adjustment Factor (RAF) for Motor Vehicles Using California Phase II GasolineAir QualityChevron
1992-22Biodesulfurization and Demetalation of Crude OilsAir QualityTexaco, Inc.
1992-19Toxic Combustion ByproductsAir QualityMobil & Chevron
1992-16Solidifiers for oil spill responseOil Spill ResponseExxonMobil
1992-13De-Oiling of Produced WaterWater handling, treatment and disposalShell
1992-09Evaluation of the Toxicity of Hydrogen Fluoride at Short Exposure TimesAir QualityExxonMobil
1992-08Field Assessment of Biodegradation of VOCs in Vapor Phase BioprocessesAir QualityChevron
1992-01Dielectric Heating Processes for Treatment of Oily Drill CuttingsWaste, residuals & byproductsBP
1991-18Salt Contaminated Remediation by HalophytesSoil & GroundwaterBP
1991-17Low Emissions Valve Packings - Plant EvaluationsAir QualityExxonMobil
1991-14Reducing Desalter Environmental ImpactsWater handling, treatment and disposalExxonMobil
1991-10Open Path HF and H2S Monitoring System Using Infrared Diode Laser and Modulation SpectroscopyAir QualityExxonMobil
1991-09H2SO4 alkylation aerosolingAir QualityExxonMobil
1991-07Development of an Ex-Situ Soil Washing Technique to Remediate Brine Contaminated SoilsSoil & GroundwaterExxonMobil
1991-05Basic Principles and Control of Refinery Emulsions - Part IIWater handling, treatment and disposalExxonMobil
1990-16Steam Injection Technology Assessment. Enhanced Venting of Soil and GroundwaterSoil & GroundwaterBP
1990-12Air Sparging Technology Assessment - Soil and GroundwaterSoil & GroundwaterBP
1990-10Aerobic Biodegradation of MTBE - A Basic Fate and Biokinetics EvaluationWater handling, treatment and disposalShell
1990-07Dry Powder Mitigation of HF AerosolsAir QualityExxonMobil
1990-05Testing Low Emission Valve PackingsAir QualityExxonMobil
1990-02Optimization of halogen antimicrobial performance in cooling water systemsWater handling, treatment and disposalBP
1989-09Spent Caustic ManagementWaste, residuals & byproductsBP
1989-05Scrap Metal Recycling of Oil Field Equipment Containing NORM ScaleWaste, residuals & byproductsConocoPhillips
1989-03Raw Refinery Wastewater Treatment with Separation Dynamics ProcessingWater handling, treatment and disposalSunoco
1988-09Natural Resource Damage Assessment ManualSoil & GroundwaterBP
1988-08Development of Protocols for Analyzing Refinery OdorsAir QualityBP
1988-07Basic Principles and Control of Refinery Emulsion FormationWater handling, treatment and disposalExxonMobil
1988-06Study of the Effectiveness of Disposal of Freshwater Drilling Fluids in Earthen PitsSoil & Groundwater
1988-05On-Site Remediation of Oily E&P Wastes & Refining & Marketing Pits, Ponds, & LagoonsSoil & GroundwaterConocoPhillips
1988-04Remediation of Soils Containing Petroleum ConstituentsSoil & GroundwaterConocoPhillips
1988-01Low NOx Burner Testing in the El Segundo RefineryAir QualityChevron
1987-05Microbiological Processing of Petroleum Oily Sludges (Phase 2 & 3 of 1986-09)Waste, residuals & byproductsChevron
1987-04Reuse Alternatives for Spent FCCU CatalystsWaste, residuals & byproductsBP
1987-03Treatment of Pyrophoric Spent CatalystsWaste, residuals & byproductsBP
1987-02Rapid Assessment of soil, G/W for PH/C - later soil vapor surveySoil & GroundwaterBP
1986-09Microbiological Processing of Petroleum Oily SludgesWaste, residuals & byproductsChevron
1986-06Evaluation of Hazardous Waste Solidification ProcessesWaste, residuals & byproductsChevron
1986-05Evaluation of In-Situ Biodegradative Treatment as a Remedial Action for Spills on LandOil Spill ResponseExxonMobil
2014-12Impact of Processing Unconventional Crudes on Refinery WWTP OperationsWaste, residuals & byproductsExxonMobil