The Petroleum Environmental Research Forum (PERF)*, is a non-profit organization created to provide a stimulus to and a forum for the collection, exchange, and analysis of research information relating to the development of technology for health, environment, safety and sustainability in the energy and petrochemical industry.


Water Purity Test, liquid in laboratory glassware
  • We are excited to invite you to the 106th PERF Meeting co-hosted by ConocoPhillips and Qatar Science & Technology Park in Doha, Qatar on March 14 – 15, 2023. The theme of this meeting will be ‘Circular Economy in the Energy Industry: Converting Waste By-products into Valuable Products’. A call for presentations is currently ongoing with further information on the Events page.

  • PERF held a virtual Fall Meeting on Biodiversity on November 9-10. The Events page will contain the presentations delivered during this meeting in the near future.


A list of Active and Completed projects, as well as proposals can be found on the Projects page.

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